Seems like the norm on the data strong network. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A lot of people on here complaining about something petty. This, among a truckload of other reasons, is why I moved to Cricket 3 months ago. The whole reason I decide to become a t-mobile user years ago was because of the ability to tether for free. Yeah but sadly congestion is always going to be a reality and this seems like a smart way to manage that without materially taking anything away from anyone or charging extra.

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After that you might be throttle.

Phones should always be a number 1 priority. The anger is mostly philosophical. Photo 5 megapixel Note that Q does not have a flash. I bought 2 of them and put them on the monthly payment plan.

Have you ever exceeded 26gb usage? For more information about tethering and operating systems, visit www. For people that want to use a big screen, I see this police as an inconvenience rather than behavior change. Your phone can share its mobile data connection with a single computer over a USB cable. Despite our efforts to provide full and correct T-Mobile myTouch Q specifications, there is always a possibility of making a mistake.


Craig did a lot of research before he decided that wireless data for last mile access is a feasible business model. But businesses need to create some rules to keep the business going. I live out in the boonies and somehow get great LTE coverage.

Tethering: T-Mobile myTouch Q by Huawei

Doing what Sprint used to do, give customers what they want in one aspect by taking away what was standard in the plan before. Mobile hotspot – Turns your phone into a Wi-Fi access point to which other Wi-Fi-capable devices can connect. Thanks for the clarification!

The truth seems to finally be coming out though.

T-Mobile myTouch by LG – Wikipedia

Most on device data is watching entertainment videos. M3, T3 Other features: Since I join T-Mobile the service has been improving. Best iPhone camera apps.

I give credit to T-Mobile for inciting competition and having the other Carriers lower prices and get rid of overages. Tablet tools Tablet finder New tablets Popular tablets Compare tablets.

Bing it, Verizon as a commercial running right now about how lockdown T-Mobiles new plans have become. Shopping information MSRP price: Then the decay we all refer to as John Legere started his reign of power and there was no saving the company. Btw, is Bing still a thing?


Mytkuch many new subscribers not enough s. The higher the number, the more detailed and good-looking the display is. Calling TMO for help on understanding the slow speeds results in a series of problem solving tests.

To learn more, go to www. When prioritization does slow things down keep in mind that they would slow down for everybody without the prioritization. Imagine if everyone did that and cut off their home wifi. If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Phone specs database licensing page.

But calling tmos 26gb plan unlimited is not right either.

Connection icons for tethering and mobile hotspot.