We like the red color scheme on our review model, but it comes in a more minimalist silver hue as well. The handset is almost free of any functional keys, due to being normally managed via its screen. Articles containing Chinese-language text. Between these buttons sits the joystick, which is fiddly since it is quite small and on top of that is sunk into the casing too deep. The screen is topped by four thumbnails serving for quick launch of the core functions: If there is enough of RAM available, then the application keeps working, so that you can get back to it any time, and in case there is insufficient amount of memory left, then the app you started up first will be terminated.

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This window also shows you current carrier name, ID, antenna status can be turned off with a single flick, flight modeGPRS can be switched off as wellIM status, can be turned offBluetooth, safe extraction of TransFlash-card.

I bought the Phone motorola a and was immediately impressed with the number of features available on this inexpensive phone. The handset carries a 2 Mpix camera onboard with macro mode toggle on the casing.

Screen input on the A is best handled through the included stylus that’s stored in a slot on the back cover, though you can moroming your finger, as well. Full screen mode, selection of encodings and auto encoding identification are at your disposal.

Motorola Ming A – Black (Unlocked) Smartphone | eBay

Motorola A also deepens Motorola’s handset portfolio based on the Linux OS – further demonstrating Motorola’s commitment to driving Linux innovation across the company’s mobile device spectrum.


At the same time there is a special dent for your finger on the casing, which makes for easy one-handed device management experience once you master it — the first impression of its being inconvenient is utterly delusive.

The handset has no caps on maximum number of stored messages. This item may or may not be in original packaging. Each phone book entry has room for seven phone numbers, two e-mail addresses, two street addresses, a Web site address, a company name and title, assistant and manager names, a birthday and anniversary date, spouse and child names, and notes. Skip to main content.

Motorola MOTOMING A Mobile Price, Specification & Features| Motorola Mobiles on Sulekha

Since it’s not available with a North American carrier, and Motorola wasn’t forthcoming with a review model, we had to turn to other sources. Views Read Edit View history.

The A came in December Three quality types are available — high, normal, low. Folders list can be viewed as thumbnails or a standard list. When searching for a name, the handset sorts the list instantly, leaving on the screen only contacts that match the phrase search line.

Progressive rewinding, as well as ability to beam stereo-sound to Bluetooth devices, is embedded in the MING. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in The speaker is on the rear face of the phone, but was quite loud.

Motorola Ming A1200 – Black (Unlocked) Smartphone

Your calendar events for that day are conveniently displayed in the middle of the screen, but you can turn that setting off if you want. Below is the tool bar containing 5 manageable shortcuts to applications.

Over and above for fields requiring numeric data, you are at liberty to call up a numberpad, which is a sort of the on-screen keyboard. MO Browser — fully functional Opera browser for viewing web-pages with wap protocol support onboard version 2. For Russian language you can install a non-official keyboard version — this procedure and the required software are all the rage now on various forums.


All events here may have a title, location, category title and color are specified and be recurrent. Custom tune is selected in the profiles, Snooze mode is notoming, as well as auto on a1020. Motorola A – my review I was looking for a mobile phone to give to my 10 year old son.

What’s more, it fits comfortably in the hand and the rounded edges give it a streamlined appearance. The voice dialing function performed well, too, but we discovered it was easy to press the voice dialing button when handling the phone.

The screen is topped by four thumbnails serving for quick launch of the core functions: You can change the display’s backlighting time, the wallpaper, and the color scheme, but not the brightness level. For example, motominv serve for opening the control panel, changing current profile, creating an SMS for a specific recipient. Even though the number of available settings is significantly smaller than that found in Motorola A, the MING lacks an external keypad.

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