Once the fix is installed, you must re-boot your computer. USB Keyboard Emulation will work after downloading this file and following these instructions. If all of the above fail, please call MagTek at These devices can be installed on the same PC if required. It sounds like the check reader is actually working properly, it just isn’t programmed correctly. Check Scanning Problems If when scanning a check the check image does not appear or the account, routing, and reference numbers do not appear in Fellowship One Contributions, there are several steps to try:

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Most issues are resolved within 30 minutes or less. I noticed on Magtek’s website that they also have 2 diffeant USB models but the other doesn’t say “Keyboard Emulation”. VSI Wedge is a. If using the Keyspan adapter ensure that the Keyspan software is installed on the computer and the the Keyspan adapter appears in the Hardware window.

Fri Nov 06, 2: This micrimagf us to remotely see and control your desktop while you observe everything we do. VSI Wedge for Windows. Joining a remote support session will allow your V Systems, Inc. Designed by VSI Websites. CheckScan was developed for Windows 98 and Windows Me and is only covered here for customers needing legacy support. Sat Jul 24, 3: Due to security risks inherent with portmost ISP’s do not forward port traffic. They matgek provide additional diagnostic and possibly return shipping instructions.


Often the cable that attaches to visa back of the MagTek scanner which has two screws needs to be taken off, reattached and tightened. Ensure that you are using the correct cable connection to the MagTek scanner. Just run it, which extracts a bunch of files to a folder. Is the scanner I have the same one you sell, or magtsk there a problem with my setup.

By using remote support services, we are able to provide you with the most efficient solution possible for a fraction of the cost. LOL which folder is it in.


The easiest way to test this is to scan a check from a different banking institution. Toggle navigation Community Portal. What Hardware is Supported? Small form factor is usually preferred; Screen must support x at 96 DPI.

FAQs – MagTek Check Scanner ยท Community Portal

Click on your version of Windows below and select Run to install the fix. In order to install them on bit system, select the USB folder; to install them on a bit system, select the USB folder. These devices can be installed on the same PC if required.


After you unzip the files to a folder on your hard disk, attach the device to the PC. To map a drive to your Unix server via FacetWin, you must first install a registry fix to your computer.

Ensure that all cables are plugged in tightly.

In order to provide the most cost effective and fastest response time to resolve your computer issues and provide hands-on training, we now offer Remote Support via GoTo Assist. Ensure that it is not an issue with the check.

The demo software does not auto save the checks based on the MICR, but otherwise performs the same functionality as CheckScan does with older versions of Windows. USB Keyboard Emulation will work after downloading this file and following these instructions.


Just run that, then do the following: If your computer does not have a serial port, you may be able to use a USB to Serial port adapter cable. I searched for the folder but cant find vksta. Search All All Help Desk.