When setting this up I definately think a visualiser would be of huge benefit. Using MagicQ with other Visualisers. Check that the network ports on the two PCs are configured to the same IP subnet, that they are enabled, and that you have configured MagicQ to use the correct network port Setup, View Settings, IP address. The information has been great and allowed me to get to a point to ask another question please. Your information and time and effort is very much appreciated.

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My name is Mac and I am from Wales.

Blue Room technical forum: Magic-Q and WYSIWYG 22 – Blue Room technical forum

On reading the manual to interface both it says open Magic Q – ”Start up MagicQ PC – you should see the initial screen requesting whether you wish to continue you the existing show, load a new show, or want help.

Receiving Patch Data from Wysiwyyg. Also, When watching a tutorial for visualisation there is a shortcut on the desktop to open it.

When performing an Auto Patch, MagicQ wwysiwyg report any fixtures that it can not match. When set to “Output” it will show the same as the upper window.

When the selected Playback has multiple steps then MagicQ always shows the next step in the Visualiser. ESP vision supports ArtNet control. MagicQ supports transfer of patch and fixture selection information to and from Visualisers. Your information and time and effort wydiwyg very much appreciated. On releasing the S button MagicVis reverts to showing the Output.


Enabling To Output Wysiwyg Data – Chamsys MagicQ User Manual [Page ]

If it is just to see what you do and for training your selve, then within a few weeks the first beta version of the MagicQ visualiser will be available, which is for free and will be delivered with every MagicQ software. Download Capture exe-demo file and have fun! The visualiser would be something that can give me a basic idea of what is being programmed and how it is working. CITP is an open protocol specific to Capture which enables both control of lighting and the transfer of the show patch between MagicQ and Capture.

ChamSys MagicQ User Manual: Enabling Magicq To Output Wysiwyg Data

The simplest way to connect is using the Art-Net protocol in the same way as you would connect to Art-Net to DMX interfaces — most Visualisers now support it. When MagicVis is running with the 3D view with Output as the source, and a S button is held on the console then MagicVis will change temporarily to show the contents of the Playback rather than the Output. Using MagicQ with other Visualisers. It runs on his own and can be linked with MagicQ.

In addition to its own free MagicVis visualiser, MagicQ supports connection with other Visualisers via network protocols. MagicQ uses a fields in the personality to specify the Capture manufacturer name Make and Capture moving light name. When setting this up I definately think a visualiser would be of huge benefit. Simply set the required universes to Out Type of ArtNet and enable them. A cheaper alternative is Capture Polar. The lower window will show the normal MagicQ visualisation – which will depend on the Vis Source option above.


If it is a demo, don’t bother, won’t work! You will see a list of the 64 universes and their current configuration. But there is a big difference in price. Desciption of all this is in the MagicQ manual.

Chapter Using MagicQ with other Visualisers

I have recently decided to get a decent lighting rig together and have been advised to use Chamsys Magic Q. Now you need to configure the outputs. Any help on this would be very welcome and thanks in advance.

The information has been great and allowed me to dysiwyg to a point to ask another question please. This will download the Patch information from Capture to MagicQ.

Art-Net does not support wysiwyyg of patch or fixture selection information, so for this you will need to use a Visualiser specific protocol. MagicVis now supports split visualisation where it is possible to show simultaneously both the Live Output and the Blind Visualisation.