Do I need a special car to autocross? Flame away, but I wanted to drive around some cones and then leave. Did somebody piss in your Cheerios? There is no substitute for being on track and driving at the limit. There have been cars that flipped due to freak failures; there was a car that had a front wheel shatter and it went into a roll at a D. What are those cones that are lying down? It will give you the basics of participating in an event.

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American autocross – Wikipedia

Are the competitors laps not timed to see who the fastest autocrossig Your attention is entirely focused on getting maximum speed from the track.

They ensure each HPDE driver is able to navigate the course safely and with awareness. For most cars, that means staying in 2nd gear, and topping out around mph.

There are no practice sessions on autocross, so walking a course is crucial in being ready to do your best lap. I assure you, it is not a semantics argument to national-level autocrossers.

Just Accept It: Autocross Isn’t Racing – The Truth About Cars

Beginners commonly lose sight of a course, and an instructor can point out where the driver should go so they can focus on driving. Autocross events are low to medium speed car control events. The fastest autocross cars are purpose-built “specials” A Modified in SCCA Solo with small lightweight bodies, sticky tires, powerful engines, and short gears.


Sounds like a plan. How are cone penalties scored? Autocross courses are designed not to exceed normal highway speeds. It is not specific to wheel-to-wheel or road course competition events. They call themselves rally drivers.

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However, I wholeheartedly agree with the advice given autocrossng me by an SCCA club racing national champion: Thousands of competitors, thousands of runs, one incident. And you really need a truck and trailer in case you wreck your car, and there were plenty of guys with dedicated race cars… talk about an expensive hobby. Not racing…just screwing around with gates on snow I guess. More than 1, competitors descend daoly Lincoln, Nebraska each year for a competition which takes a week to complete autocrossiing crowns a national champion in each class.

Its not the spending floor, its the cheating, bribery, and general asshattedness that takes it away from racing. There will be novices wanting that first experience and veteran road racers keeping their skills sharp.

This is a poorly conceived story. Autocross is and automotive sport, timed runs against a clock. Autocrossing can get my adrenaline pumping just as much as wheel to wheel racing used to yes I autkcrossing to wheel to wheel race on oval tracks when I was younger.

American autocross

The autocrssing inspector is going to check to make sure your car is safe, with attention given to the proper installation of wheels, removal of loose items and properly functioning controls. I could also just be getting more mature. Who are you hosting with?


I agree, it is semantics. One gets the feeling that they are largely the kind of people who were slightly socially awkward in high school, but they have now found a group of a couple of thousand kindred souls who find solace and joy dialy tinkering around with cars and shaving thousandths of seconds off their course times.

Well designed courses will feel plenty fast as you attempt to maintain that speed through a series of elements. And with so little consequence in autocrossing for exceeding that, you can spend more time auutocrossing the edge defining it.

Street Modified cars retain production-based bodies and motors and are street-legal vehiclesbut little else is stock. For rain days plan to bring some plastic bins to keep your stuff dry, a towel to dry off hands and feet before driving and something to protect you from the elements.

It was a lot of autoceossing high speed driving in a much shorter time frame. January 11, to January 13,