Yet it allways seems to give me trouble after trying to install what i believe to be or am lead to believe to be full version BlueSoleil Drivers. Buying very cheap BlueTooth hardware without an accompanying software licence and having no hassles with it is, I fear, a pleasure reserved for the users of free operating systems. Your problem is that you bought a computer from a company that is going out of its way to not support a piece of hardware it ships with. Widcomm One of the more common alternatives is Widcomm, produced by Broadcom. Is there an open source alternative to Sphere Engine? Does any of this affect it? Manny Frishberg made his home on the West Coast for more than 30 years.

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W7 x64 Monitor alternatie I have poked around and found that wikipedia seems to say that my options are extremely limited to pay for only drivers.

Is there an open-source distributed alternative to Pushbullet? Learn More at try.

Alternative to BlueSoleil there are four common bluetooth stacks in use on windows – widcomm now broadcommbluesoleil, and microsoft plus toshiba, which i’ve never used. The only real information I have on bluesoliel on my device is some generic isscbta device that apparently is compatible with bluesoleil but i dont wish to spend more money on my own dongle.


BlueSoleil Alternative

I have found alternagive version of widcomm that seems to sortof work. It’s on trial right now, and I really don’t want to pay 30 bucks for the full version. Scale your deployments with a flexible and predictable pricing model. Even really random dongles I’ve used seem to be completely PnP.

Alternatives to bluesoleil?

View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. Another Bluetooth protocol stack is EtherMind. No, create an account now.

Is there an open source alternative for the IVT Bluesoleil software? Antec Operating System: Starting a new project? I am using this bluetooth dongle: I just stuck my bluetooth dongle in the usb port and windows installed the generic bluetooth driver. It appears to be unbranded. EtherMind is made to work with both embedded devices and computers.

Ive bought a few BT adapters and have never had to pay anything other than the initial purchase. Gotmypc alternatives – Splashtop?

Alternative to BlueSoleil

Service pack 3 doesent seem to do anything for this lbuesoleil though it wasnt plugged in at the time of the update. Because it seems quite lame to sell a dongle that won’t work without additional relatively expensive software.

I am having 2 more wiimotes official ones come in the mail, so I can see if there’s a difference.


There are several free alternatives to BlueSoleil. Anyhow, if anyone knows of another program that’s free, or if I should just uninstall bluesoleil and try the regular add device method, let me know. I have pulled all the bluesoleil out yo my device manager and cleaned my registry and temp bluesoleio and i have also removed all resident traces of the old drivers AFAIK. Rant aside I have windows xp on my new EeeBox bluetooth not included in this model I plan on using it in part as a media hub of sorts.

Widcomm One of the more common alternatives is Widcomm, produced by Broadcom.

Which is the best open source AI software? Home built Operating System: If you have a computer running Windows XP Service Too 2 or later—including Windows Vista or the latestWindows 7—the Bluetooth stack is already thereready for you to start using right away.

No technical information but this person was able to get the dongle working with an XP driver. Alternative to BlueSoleil righty